Themed Glasses Designed Specifically For the Special Person in Mind

I have a great gift idea for you. Have you ever wondered what a unique gift would be for a someone who is special to you? Consider making contact with an artist to design and paint any type of glasses you would like. These make great gifts for any occasion especially bridal party gifts, wedding gifts, anniversaries, and birthdays. All you have to do is give the artist an idea of what that person’s interests are. They will take if from there and come up with a theme to paint the glass with that person in mind. For example, if a person made a request to paint Pilsner glasses for a couple is getting married. They want a set of 4 glasses. Two could be painted for the bride with colorful hippie items since that is what she likes, and two for the groom who loves music, guitars, and Texas. They would be neat and a gift with a lot of thought behind it.

A bride to be could basically do the same thing. She would let the artist know the type of glasses desired and give a list of the interests of each attendant in her wedding. The artist would have free reign coming up with the designs to be used for each girl. You could even go one step further and select different glasses for each person based on their drink of choice! Not everyone likes to drink the same cocktails. Maybe one person really likes wine and another one prefers beer. What a great time. Each glass would be designed with that person in mind. They each would not be getting the same thing. You would be giving a unique gift that could not be picked up at any department store.

There is no limit to the designs that you could find on a wine glass, martini glass, margarita glass, Pilsner glass, or just a regular drinking glass. Do you have a need for such a special item?




My name is Amy Ressa. I am the owner of The Painted House and More. My business is located in Central Ohio. I have over 16 years of painting experience which began painting in my own home. I originally started painting with stencils and then progressed in to freehand decorative painting. My style of painting is the One Stroke Technique, developed by Donna Dewberry. It is an easy way to make painting visually interesting. I have experience painting not only on walls, but glass, ceramics, fabric, metal, candles, and canvas. This technique is great for small and large jobs alike. It isn’t limited to just one area. I love to use the acrylic enamel made by Plaid. It is a great product that is very durable. You can bake your glass projects to set the paint, or just let it cure in the open air. After 21 days your paint will be set. I am always looking for people who I can share my talent with. If you have any interest or questions, please feel free to call me at: 614-530-0219 or email me at:

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